Timing.events is a non-profit organization which primary goal is to facilitate organizers of races with
(technology) timing of bike, (open water) swim, run of triathlon races.
Timing.events has an online platform where athletes can register: https://timing.events
Task Timing.events Organizer
Setting up the race in the system Responsible Not responsible
Providing an online platform for registration Responsible Not responsible
Providing technical timing equipment and support Responsible Not responsible
Setting up age groups and categories in system Responsible Not responsible
Providing race timing services (incl. tags) Responsible Not responsible
Giving ADMIN access to organizor at
Responsible Not responsible
Creating confirmation email registration Responsible Not responsible
Providing results at the end of the race to the
Responsible Not responsible
Verify results together with officials and
Responsible Responsible
Provide information during or after the race to
timing.events about athletes who did not start or
finish the race, disqualifications, penalties, etc
Not responsible Responsible
Providing correct content for confirmation email Not responsible Responsible
Enter race details at general tab in admin page Not responsible Responsible
Ensuring accurate athlete registration Not responsible Responsible
Ensuring athletes are checked in before and
checked out after race
Not responsible Responsible
Providing race director and officials (including
manual back up of finish)
Not responsible Responsible
Ensuring course safety and venue logistics
(including tent or shade for Timing.events)
Not responsible Responsible
Apply for race at least 30 days in advance Not responsible Responsible
Distribution of race numbers to athletes Not responsible Responsible
Registration closes 48 hours before race (no
exception, no changes).
Not responsible Responsible
Clear route description including signage and
volunteers along the route.
Not responsible Responsible
Permits and authorization for race are in place Not responsible Responsible
Give permission to publish results at Timing.events Not responsible Responsible