Kärcher Duo Xtreme Mountainbike Challenge Aruba 2022

@ Balashi Beer Garden, Aruba


Event: Kärcher Duo Xtreme Mountainbike Challenge Aruba
Date: 4 December 2021
Time: Start Xtreme Route 6:30 AM / Sportive Route 7:00AM
Location: Balashi Beer Garden

Organizer team and responsibilities
Race director: Corina +297 593 5074
Time keeper: Bert +599 9 690 3162
Volunteers in Field:
Supply waterposts 1: Top Sero AriKok (Sportive + Xtreme route)
Supply waterposts 2: Weg Sero Blanco (Sportive + Xtreme route)
Supply waterposts 3: Spooky trail (Xtreme route)

There will be no Water/Gatorade in bottles available at the water posts, there will be jugs with
Water/Gatorade available to refill your own bottle and/or camelbak. In case teams will have their own
support along the route that will hand out bottles, all riders need to carry their empty bottles and
dispose it at the next water post. Please respect Aruba’s nature and do not through any empty
packages, bottles, paper wraps, etc. along the track. If you cannot respect our nature, disqualification of
your team will be the consequence.

Time Schedule
Registration: On-line until Thu 1-Dec
Registration fee: Full fl.75, - per team
Half route fl. 50, - per team

Get number plates: Friday 2-dec 5PM - 7PM (Payment on-line registrations)
Balashi Beer Garden
Balashi 62
Santa Cruz
*Foreign Participants who are not able to attend the registrations evening at the Balashi garden are able
to sign-in and pay at the Balashi Garden between 2 and 3pm at the Balashi Garden

Day of the Race December 4th
5:45 AM Registration riders starts
6:15 AM First call Xtreme riders to go to start area
6:20 AM Last call Xtreme riders to go to start area
6:25 AM General Safety Briefing riders full distance
6:30 AM Start Xtreme riders
6:45 AM First call Xtreme riders to go to start area
6:50 AM Last call Xtreme riders to go to start area
6:55 AM General Safety Briefing riders full distance
7:00 AM Start Sportive riders

9:00 AM Finish 1st teams Sportive Route
9:30 AM Finish 1st teams Xtreme Route
10.30 AM Finish last teams Half route
12:00 PM Finish last teams Full route
11:00 AM Lunch
12:30 PM Award Ceremony

Categories and Awards ceremony
Categories Xtreme Route:
· Men 1 Combined age 35-99 (minimum age individual participants 17 years !)
· Men 2 Combined age 100+
· Women open* Combined age 35-100+ (minimum age individual participants 17 years !)
· Mix open Combined age 35-100+ (minimum age individual participants 17 years !)
Categories Sportive Route:
· Men open Combined age 30-100+ (minimum age individual participants 15 years !)
· Women/Mix open Combined age 30-100+ (minimum age individual participants 15 years !)

Award ceremony:
· Men 1 Full 1-2-3
· Men 2 Full 1-2-3
· Women open Full* 1-2-3
· Mix open Full 1-2-3
· Men open Half 1-2-3
· Women/Mix open Half 1-2-3
*This category maybe combined with mix open when less than 3 team participated in this category.

Rules and regulations:
1. The race
The DuoXtreme Mountain Bike Challenge Aruba (“the race”) is a 2-person team mountain bike race.
Teams have to race together for the entire distance of the race, looking after each other and their

2. Structure and applicability of the Rules
2.1 The rules set out below are intended to be definitive and complete. The rules or regulations of any
governing body of cycling body (e.g. the UCI anti-doping regulations, AWB-rules, etc.), have been
incorporated if applicable to this race.
2.2 A failure to comply with any of the rules will result in a penalty, which could include a rider’s
disqualification in certain circumstances.
2.3 The interpretation of any rule by the race organisers will be final and binding on all race participants.

3. Definitions
For purposes of the rules, the following terms shall have the meanings set out below:
3.1 “maximum time” means the maximum number of hours allowed to officially complete the race as
determined by the race organisers;
3.2 “rider separation” means the maximum allowable time separation between team members at any
time during the race, namely 2 minutes; and
3.3 “rider booklet” means the race information booklet distributed to riders at race registration.

4 Riders
4.1 The minimum age of participation is:
For the Xtreme Route 17 years on the race day (1/DEC/21)
For the Sportive Route 15 years on the race day (1/DEC/21)
4.2 There are 4 riding categories for teams in the Xtreme Route, namely men 34-99 (combined age),
men 100+, women open and mix open. For the Sportive Route only men open and women/mix open
4.2.1 To start in the male 100+ category, both riders must have a combined age of 100 years or older on
the race day (1/DEC/21).

5 Medical
5.1 Riders must ensure that they are in good health and well trained.
5.2 The race organisers reserve the right to prevent a rider from continuing the race on receipt of
medical advice from an official race medic or any other medical doctor recognised by the race
organisers. The decision of the race organisers in this regard shall be final.

6 Bicycles
6.1 Only mountain bikes (not E-bikes) in good working order and race ready will be allowed to start the
· the front number board is securely fitted and visible from the front;
· the bike is in safe working order, as determined in the discretion of the race organisers;
· handlebar ends and handlebar extensions shall be plugged and must not have sharp or jagged
edges. The use of tribars and bladed wheels is not allowed;
· bicycles may be propelled only through a chain set and by the rider’s leg action, without any
form of assistance (electrical or otherwise)
6.2 Each rider is responsible for the maintenance of his/her own bike for the duration of the race.
6.3 In all cases of maintenance and repair, riders are required to complete the full distance of the race
and must complete the race within the maximum race time. Time spent on maintenance and repair will
thus not entitle a rider to any extension of the maximum race time.
6.4 No seconding or outside assistance (including maintenance and/or repair works) is permitted under
any circumstances. For purposes hereof, “outside assistance” includes physical assistance by any person
other than a fellow competitor or accredited water point staff at official water points on the route.

7 Helmets and Clothing
7.1 Each rider must wear a helmet at all times while riding during the race.
7.2 Appropriate riding attire, including a shirt, must be worn at all times.
7.3 The use of 2-way radio’s, or other way of communication is forbidden. Only in case of emergency the
use of cell phones is permitted.
7.4 The use of any type of headphones is not permitted.

8 Team Riding
8.1 Riders must ride with their team partner at all times, and must remain within the maximum
allowable separation time, namely 2 minutes. Riders must leave together
8.2 Rider separation may be measured at the start and finish and at various designated check points
during the stage, but can also be enforced at any point during the race.
8.3 Rider separation may be measured more than once during the race, and penalties may be applied to
each occurrence of rider separation outside the allowable limit during the race.
8.4 Any rider may receive physical assistance from his/her team partner. For purposes hereof, “physical
assistance” shall mean the sharing of water and nutrition, sharing of bike parts and accessories
(including the swopping of bike frames), assistance with maintenance and repair, and pushing/towing by
physical contact only.
8.5 No towing between or pushing of riders by means of any mechanical or physical devices is allowed.
8.6 Riders may cross the finish line on foot provided that they have their bikes with them.

9 Rider Identification
9.1 Both riders in a team must display their race numbers at all times.
9.2 Bike numbers must remain firmly fixed on the front of the bike, and may not be obscured by cables
or any other item.
9.4 Race numbers may not be modified or mutilated in any way, including cutting, adding stickers,
removing existing stickers or trimming.
9.5 Race numbers have to be handed to the organisation after the race.

10 Race Starts
10.1 The start area opens 15 minutes before the start of the race, unless communicated otherwise.
10.2 Differential start zones will be allocated according to rider category in the race, and the organisers
may allocate different (i.e. “staggered”) start times for each starting zone. Should staggered start times
be allocated, any reference to start times in these rules will be to the start time applicable to the
particular rider’s start zone.
10.5 The seeded starting zones will close strictly 15 minutes before their start time. Teams arriving late
must start at the back of the field.
10.6 Riders must enter the start zone as a team with their bikes, and once entered must remain in the
start zone with their bikes.

11 Route
11.1 Riders must complete the full designated route and distance of the race.
11.2 A rider must at all times follow the official route, obey the directions of the course marshals, and
may not take any shortcuts or take any other advantage of a similar nature against competitors. The
responsibility for knowing and following the official route lies with each rider.
11.3 Riders who exit the route for any reason must return to the course at the same point from which
they exited.
11.4 Any walking, running or riding by a rider, which is carried out without the intention of directly rejoining
the route, or any other activity in breach of the rules, which takes place outside of the marked
course area, is not permitted.

12 Prohibited Equipment
12.1 The race organisers may at any time prohibit any other item of equipment (other than essential
cycling equipment) in their discretion and riders shall at all times comply with any such prohibition.

13 Race Timing
13.1 Only team times will be advertised, but individual rider times will be recorded for purposes of
measuring rider separation.
13.2 The team time is determined as the time at which the second team member passes the race finish
13.5 The start line will remain open for 15 minutes after the start time.
13.6 Any rider who cannot make his/her start time must report to the race organisers within 15 minutes
of the start time to request approval for a late start.
13.7 No rider is allowed to start late without approval. If no approval for a late start has been given, the
rider will be considered a DNS (did not start.
13.8 Any rider who does not start the race at all will automatically be disqualified and marked as DNS in
the ranking.
13.9 The maximum race time will not be adjusted for any rider who is permitted a late start and/or who
started in a start zone with a later start time than his/her own.

14 Maximum Race Time
14.1 The maximum race times are determined according to the length of the race and the terrain to be
covered. Maximum race times will be included in the race registration pack, but may be varied by the
race organisers at their discretion, subject to influence of weather etc. Any variations will be
communicated to riders at the beginning of the race.
14.2 The race organisers may designate intermediate cut-off points which must be reached within
specific times. Any teams which fail, or will in the sole opinion of the race organisers be unable, to reach
intermediate cut-off points will be prevented from continuing to ride, be swept from the course and be
classified as DNF (did not finish).
14.3 The race organisers may at any time impose additional cut-off points due to safety reasons. The
provisions of rule 15.2 will apply to riders who have not yet reached the designated cut-off point within
the allocated time or, in the sole opinion of the race organisers, will not reasonably be able to do so. Any
rider not able to complete the race will be transported to the finish area, if necessary.
14.4 If a rider cannot continue the race for whatever reason, all effort will be made to transport such
riders and their bikes to the race finish.

15 Abandoning of the race
15.1 Any rider who withdraws from the race or who does not reach the designated cut-off point on time
will be classified as a DNF (Did not Finish).
15.2 Teams or riders that cannot continue the race for whatever reason must immediately inform the
race office. This can be done at the race start, the finish and water points.
15.3 Should any rider or team fail to inform the race office of his/her/its withdrawal, and should a
search and rescue operation be initiated for such rider or team, the cost of the search and rescue will be
for the account of that rider or team.
15.4 Should any member of a team be incapable of finishing the race, his or her team partner will be
entitled to continue riding in the race but will not qualify for any rankings.

16 Traffic Regulations
16.1 The race does not always have exclusive use of any public or private roads during the race.
16.2 All regular traffic regulations must be observed at all times during the race. (Drive/ride on the right
hand side of the road!)
16.3 Instructions of marshals must be strictly adhered to.

17 Checkpoints
17.1 There will be checkpoints during the race, during which rider separation rules will be enforced.
17.2 Teams that are not detected when passing the checkpoints may be disqualified.
17.3 The location of the checkpoints will not be published, and hidden checkpoints are not excluded.

18 Registration and Briefing
18.1 Riders must report to registration as a team.
18.2 A pre-race briefing will take place 10 minutes before start

19 Nutrition and Hydration
19.1 Riders retain the ultimate responsibility to carry enough water and nutrition with them.
19.2 The race organisers will provide water at official water points on the route, which is intended for
drinking purposes only. No excessive use of water for any other purpose will be permitted at official
water points. Water is available in jugs to fill up camelback and/or bottle, the organisation will NOT
provide sport drinks and/or water in bottles.
19.3 It is not allowed to drop any bottles, packages, etc. along the route, all garbage can be dropped at a
water points or at the finish line.

20 Seconding and Outside Support
20.1 No seconding or outside assistance is permitted under any circumstances. For purposes hereof,
“outside assistance” includes physical assistance (as defined in rule 8.4) by any person other than a
fellow competitor or accredited water point staff at official water points on the route.
20.2 Drafting is allowed between riders, their team partners and fellow competitors, but no rider may
draft behind any person who is not a participant in the race.
20.3 No other form of drafting is permitted whatsoever, including but not limited to drafting behind
private vehicles, motor cycles, trucks and official race vehicles.
20.4 Specific escort or seconding vehicles not provided by the race organisers are not permitted to
follow the race route. However, supporters may drive their own vehicles along public roads to reach
vantage points to vocally support riders. Some sections of the course can be closed to all non-event
traffic – including some public roads. Their closure must be respected by all.

21 Medical and Technical Assistance
21.1 Medical assistance will be supplied by the race organisers.

22 Environmental and Ethical
Riders must respect the environment at all times, and no littering or damage to the environment will be
tolerated. In particular, but without limiting the generality of this rule, the following actions are
specifically prohibited:
22.1 throwing away of water bottles, packaging or bike spares along the route, all garbage can be
dropped at the water points or at the finish line;
22.2 deviating from the route; and/or
22.3 smoking at any point on the route is not permitted.

23 Protests
23.1 Any protests must be submitted in writing, on the official protest sheets provided in the race office,
to the race organisers after the rider has crossed the finish line, within the allocated time period set out
23.2 A deposit of $50 must accompany any protest, before the protest will be considered.
23.3 If the protest is upheld, the deposit will be refunded. If the protest is not upheld, the deposit will be
forfeited and donated for trail development.
23.4 Race protests must be submitted within 1 hours of the rider crossing the finish line.
23.5 Garmin, Strava or any other tracking system will not be acknowledged as proof.

24 Doping
24.1 The race organisers reserve the right to test all riders for doping and/or the use of any illegal
24.2 All test results will be forwarded to national cycling federations, and positive results will lead to
disqualification of the team.
24.3 Any person who is under provisional or final sanction by an Anti-Doping Organisation with
jurisdiction under the WADA Code (a “person under sanction”) is prohibited from participating or being
involved in the race, whether as a rider, team manager or official or in any other capacity whatsoever.
Where any such sanction has been made final for an offence committed after 31 December 2012, such
prohibition shall apply for the life of the person under sanction (irrespective of the duration of the
sanction imposed by the relevant Anti-Doping Organisation).
24.4 Should the race organisers only become aware that any rider, team manager or official is a person
under sanction after having accepted such rider’s entry and/or team manager or official’s participation
in the race, such entry or right of participation shall immediately be cancelled.

25 Code of Conduct
All riders are expected to display good sportsmanship at all times, and must not use offensive or abusive
language during the race, act in an unsporting manner, be disrespectful to the officials or ignore the race

26 Discretion of the Race Organisers
Where any additional rule interpretation is required, or where specific provision for any incident has not
been made in these rules, the decision of the race organisers will be final.

27 Award Ceremony
During the final award ceremony, the first three finishers of the race will be called to the podium, in the
following categories:
· Men 1 Xtreme 34-99
· Men 2 Xtreme 100+
· Women open Xtreme
· Mix open Xtreme
· Men open Sportive
· Women/Mix open Sportive

28 Covid Regulations
The covid regulations will be provided separately online and during the registration day.