Mimosa Race

@ Cero Colorado, Aruba


General information

Race categories

  • Women per age categorie 
    • 12 – 13 yrs (born 2009 – 2010)
    • 14 – 15 yrs (born 2007 – 2008)
    • 16 – 17 yrs (born 2005 – 2006)
    • 18 – 27 yrs (born in 2004 until 1995)
    • 28 – 37 yrs (born in 1994 until 1985)
    • 38 – 47 yrs (born in 1984 until 1975)
    • 48+ (born in 1974 and older)


Participants get prizes in 1st, 2nd and 3rd position. 


Parking is on the north/western side of the light house on Punta Basora. The start/finish area must stay clear for racers and officials. (approx. 250 meters from start/finish)
Do not park on areas that are not assigned as parking lot.



Sunday 30 October

Location: Colony, Lighthouse of Sabana Basora. Line up is on top of the hill on the westside of the lighthouse. Start is at the bottom at the foot of the hill. Please take 15 minutes extra time into account, because the racers will be using the paved road for the start.

If by 6:45 am you are not on top, it is advised to park at the bottom at side of the road going west. The road going uphill will be closed to prepare for the race.


Route description 

Start at bottom of the hill Punta Basora – pass around Sero Colorado (hospital bieu) - trail hospital bieu up – take the asphalt road downhill to the main road – go right direction of the entrance - enter sand road on the right before the entrance – take the old Colony road near the old wall – exit onto 10nth avenue in front of the Rehab Center SC - Pass in front of the refinery gate – enter left onto mainstreet and take first right turn – get on First Avenue direction of Baby Beach –Take the trail donw to Rodgers Beach – take the left and pass around the Nanki building onto the white sand – go straight and climbback on first avenue – take the right turn - pass right next to Mike de Meza’s house and the construction site – take the downhill trail and exit onto Baby Beach parking area - Santana di Cacho (Pet cemetary) to cabes di Aruba - climb uphill at the southside of Punta Basora to finishline – for the 2nd round go downhill on asphalt road.


Starting form 7:00 am. Each categorie will start 1 minute from eachother. 

12- 13 yrs

14 – 15 yrs 





Starts 1 min after 16 – 17 yrs2
 18 – 27 yrs2
 28 – 37 yrs2
 38 – 47 yrs2
 48+ yrs1


Registration & Starting Fee

The registration is online through the website of our partner C3. 

Registration will close on Monday 24 October 2022! 

Starting fees:

All women categories        AWG 25

Race plate pick-up + payment (CASH ONLY!) is between Chill Cafe and Roadside Café on Wednesday 26 Oktober  (7pm – 9pm).

Respect the nature

Please RESPECT OUR NATURE, when training or racing on the courses of the Colony area.