@ Surfside Beach, Aruba





9 – 10 years old 4 x 1000 meters

11 – 12 years old 4 x 1000 meters

13 – 15 years old 4 x 1000 meters

16 – 18 years old 4 x 1000 meters

19+ years old 4 x 1000 meters



All Males teams in same age group

All Female teams in same age group

Mixed teams in same age group 2 Female & 2 Male



1. registration is only possible in a TEAM

2. Swimmers may register twice (2x). One time in a same Gender and one time in a Mixed Team. 

3. Swimmers will compete in the age group based on their age at 31st of December 2022.

4. All teams consist of 4 Swimmers

5. Timing and transit and finish will be recorded electronically. All swimmers wear a tag at their preferred wrist.

6. All transition and finishes will be recorded on camera

7. Start and transition will be a diving start from floating dock. Places are drawn randomly

8. The 1s swimmer will start upon signal from Starter, the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th swimmer will start from floating dock when the previous swimmer touches the vertical finish wall (with hand on where the tag is placed). The 4th swimmer will finish by touching the vertical finish wall



Deadline for registration will be 11 October 6:00PM. No registrations or changes will be accepted at the day of the race. No exceptions!

Registration fee: AWG 50 per team (Bank transfer only. See instructions in email received after registration)


Competition Format: 

The competition course will be a 1K loop with the start and finish at the floating dock at Surfside Beach.

Start registration and medical check: 7:00AM

Start Race: 8AM



Teams finishing in the top three places of each age group in their

designated gender (mixed) will receive a medal


AWARDS ceremony will be around 11:00AM