@ Caracasbaai Beach, Curacao


Sithoc Swim Team extends a cordial invitation to you to participate in the 4th Sithoc Open Water 2023 to be held in Curaçao on November 12th, 2023. 


Host:                       Sithoc Swim Team 

Date:                       Sunday, November 12th, 2023 

Venue:                   Caracasbaai Beach Curaçao 


07:00Check in, marking and medical check for all 3k and 5k swimmers  
08:00Start 3k and 5k f/m
08:15Check in and marking for 1k swimmers
09:00Check in and marking for 300m swimmers
09:30Start 1k f/m
10:30Start 300m f/m


Timing:                 Electronic Timing will be used for the 1k, 3k and 5k event; each athlete will have wrist chips.  

                               The 300m event, is a fun swim and will only have placement of finisher.             

Age:                       Age of the swimmer on December 31, 2023 (The swimmer’s age group shall be determined by the age of the swimmer as of midnight on 31st December 2023)


  • 1k Swim: 10 & Over f/m (max. 40 swimmers)
  • 3k Swim: 12 & Over f/m (max. 40 swimmers)                                                                                                        
  • 5k Swim: 14 & Over f/m (max. 20 swimmers)
  • 300m Kids Fun Swim: 12 & under (max 40 swimmers)

Competition:      The competition for distance 3k and 5k will be conducted in accordance with World Aquatics Open Water rules as per https://www.worldaquatics.com/open-water/rules

Awards:                There will be medals for the first 3 swimmers in the following categories f/m 

  • 1k Swim: 10-12, 13-15, 16 & over
  • 3k Swim: 12-15, 16 & over                                                                                                                                           
  • 5k Swim: 14-15, 16 & over 
  • Trophy for first 3 swimmers in 5k distance

300m Kids Fun Swim: all participants receive a certificate of participation.       

Entries:                 Selection of the 100 swimmers for the 1k, 3k and 5k distances are based on first come, first serve based  at time of registration. 

                              The 300m fun swim distance has a maximum participant of 40 participants.

Entry deadline: November 8th, 2023, at 10 pm. No exceptions. 

                                   Registration is through:  https://timing.c3.cw/Event/Register?id=61

                                   On the day of the race it will NOT be possible to register.

Entry fee:             F 25.00 per swimmer for the 1k, 3k and 5k distances. For the swim teams participating, the amount must be transferred, and a copy of a deposit must be submitted before the start of the competition. Refund of starting money is not possible.

                               F 15.00 per swimmer for the 300m Kids Fun Swim distance. 

Bank Info:          

  • RBC Royal Bank                                                                                                                      
  • Sithoc Zwem Vereniging                                                                                                      
  • 8000 0000 1177 7024                                                                                                      
  • Description: Name event and name participant or swim-team.

Entry fee can be paid by bank transfer and / or paid by cash on the day of the technical meet. Sithoc Swim Team will not accept cash payment on the date of the event. 

Technical meet: Technical meet will be held for all participants on November 11, 2023, at 5:30pm at SDK. At the meet the race format, registration and parkour will be explained.

Medical:               There will be a mandatory medical examination the day of the race for the 3k and 5k swimmers. 

                                   For the safety of the swimmers, fingernails and toenails must be clipped. Officials will check fingernail                                  length prior to the events. Non-conformation will result in disqualification.

Waiver:                Each athlete must complete the waiver and release form. For athletes younger than age 18, his / her parent or guardian, must complete the form.

Protests:              All protests against the referee’s decision must be submitted to the referee in writing within 15 minutes after the event in question. It should be signed by the representative and accompanied by Fl 25,00. The fee is refundable if the protest is upheld.

Time Limit:         For the 5k event, the time limit to be conducted in accordance with the World Aquatics Open Water rules as per https://www.worldaquatics.com/open-water/rules.

Officials:             Officials will be used in line with World Aquatics Open Water rules as per https://www.worldaquatics.com/open-water/rules.

Results:               Will be posted on timing.c3.cw 

Race Venue:      The start and finish for all races will be at the same location in water. The course will be marked by buoys indicating the start and turning points. The course will have a distance of 1000 meters.

  •  1k will swim the course 1 time
  • 3k will swim the course 3 times
  • 5k will swim the course 5 times
  • The start and finish for the 300m Fun Swim will be at the same starting point as the other distances.