Aruba Dolphins Open Water 2024

@ Savaneta, Aruba



The Aruba Dolphins Swimming and Waterpolo Club extends a cordial invitation to you to participate in the yearly Aruba Dolphins Open Water Swim Meet to be held on Sunday, September 29, 2024, in the Commandeurs Bay in Savaneta, Aruba.

This year we will be swimming 3 distances, 1 – 3 – 5 KM. The age for all competitors will be considered as of December 31, 2024

For the 1KM event the following categories will participate for prizes:

8 and under  female-male
9 – 10 years     “          “
11 – 12 years  “          “
13 and older “          “ 

For the 3KMevent the following categories will participate for prizes:

13 – 14 yearsfemale-male
15 – 17    ““         “
18 – 24    ““         “
25 – 34    ““         “
35 – 44    ““         “
45 – 54    ““         “
55 and older“         “

For the 5KM event the following categories will participate for prizes:

13 – 14 yearsfemale-male
15 – 17    ““         “
18 – 24    ““         “
25 – 34    ““         “
35 – 44    ““         “
45 – 54    ““         “
55 and older“         “

The first 3 swimmers in each category will be awarded medals.

The first male and female in each distance will be awarded trophies as overall winners, except the 13 and older category in the 1KM.

Closing ceremony and awards presentation will take place at 12pm. 

Technical Equipment

Electronic Timing will be used for each event; each athlete will have wrist chips. Manual timing be used as back up. The finish line will also include video cameras for back-up place judging.


The competition will be conducted in accordance with FINA / WORLD AQUATICS RULES

Entry limit

The meet will be capped at 110 athletes on a first come, first served basis.

Entry procedure

To make the registration procedure on race day faster we would like to receive your entries in advance. Entries are accepted online only 

 After entry you will receive a confirmation email.

Entry deadline

Entry will close on September 27, 2024 at 10:00PM. On the day of the race there will be absolutely NO possibility of registering to participate.

For more information contact “Meet director” Lisa Vrolijk at:

Entry fee

The entry fee for all participants is AWG 35.00 or $20.00.

We remind all participants of the requirement for every swimmer to sign the “Waiver and release of liability” form. Swimmers under the age of 18 must have this form signed by a parent or legal guardian. The waiver must be filled and signed in advance and presented on race day at the registration.


Transfer Only:

Caribbean Mercantile Bank: Account # 22781308 Aruba Dolphins Zwemvereniging

Wayaca 304, Oranjestad

Put in details: “OW 24 SEP - name swimmer-” Numbering

Submission of signed waiver and numbering will start on race day at 6:30AM.

All Competitors shall be subject to a compulsory medical examination at the event venue before the start of the event. Information of this will be provided at the Technical Meeting (date, place and time will be announced later).

Race venue

The start and the finish for   the   1, 3  and   5KM   race  will   be   at  the   Zeerovers Pier. The course will be marked by buoys indicating the start and turning points and will have a rectangular shape. The course map can be seen below.  The course will have a distance of 1KM. Swimmers for the 3KM and 5KM will have to the swim the course 3 or 5 times.

The start time for the 1KM will be at 08:00AM. The start time for 5KM will be ta 09:00AM, and the start of 3KM will be at 9:10AM.

Exploration course is from 7:00AM to 7:30AM.

Special notice for the 3KM and 5KM participants

For the 3KM and 5KM event, a time limit of 15 minutes shall apply from the finish of the first swimmer in each age and gender category.

Competitors who do not finish the course within the time limit shall be removed from the water except if the Referee allows a competitor outside the time limit to complete the course, but that competitor shall not be eligible for any awards. The competitors that have not finished the race within this time limit shall have a designated finish of OTL (Over Time Limit).

The first swimmer is expected to cross the finish line in 1 hour and 15 minutes. Aruba Swimming Federation officials will record the results.


All protests against the Referees decision must be submitted to the Chief Referee in writing by the team leader/Coach within 30 minutes after the event in question. It should be signed by the Representative and accompanied by AWG 50.00. All protests will be considered by the Chief Referee.

The fee is refundable if the protest is upheld.

Open Water Swimming rules for the Aruba Dolphins 1-3-5 KM 2022

Sign up
Swimmers must read and sign the “Waiver and release of liability” form before signing up. Competitors under the age of 18 must have this form signed by a parent or legal guardian.

The Start
Swimmers must remain treading in the water behind the designated starting line prior to the start signal. It shall be cause for disqualification for any part, or all, of a swimmer’s body to be within the designated course beyond the starting line during the starting signal. The race shall not be interrupted or discontinued for a false start.

Drafting is not permitted.

A swimmer shall not obstruct another swimmer’s progress, make intentional contact with another swimmer, or interfere with another swimmer in any way. Any such interference shall lead to disqualification as per the referee’s judgment.

A swimmer may not use or wear any device to artificially enhance performance during the race. One piece swim suit, goggles, swim caps, nose clip and earplugs are permitted. Swimmers shall be allowed to use grease or other such substances at the discretion of the referee. Nails must be completely trimmed. Swimmers shall make no intentional physical contact with the escort safety crafts or crews. Standing on the bottom during the race shall not disqualify a swimmer, but they may not walk or jump.

A swimmer must complete the entire designated course and shall touch the finish mark to record their finish and register their time. Upon request the swimmer shall provide the swimming officials their assigned number.

The swimmer in each division who completes the designated course in strict compliance with the rules the fastest shall be declared the winner of that division. Each subsequent place in each division shall be awarded to the swimmer completing the designated course in strict compliance with the rules with the next fastest time.

Integrity of results
It is the swimmer's responsibility to see to it that the results reflect a fair and honest competition in strict accordance with the above-mentioned rules. As such the swimmer is responsible for knowing these rules and adhering to them.

Upon completion of the swim, if a swimmer is aware that any portion of his swim was performed in contravention to the rules, the swimmer shall report the violation to the referee for the purpose of disqualification. The swimmer shall see to it that the nonconforming swim is ineligible for awards and records and does not appear in the results unless denoted as having been disqualified.

Final decisions
All other cases not mentioned before shall be decided by the organizing committee.